Before you submit your first job application

Basically, there are two items you will be asked to submit:

1. Your resume – your description of your capability and potential contribution to the company, according to the job description of the position you are applying for, in an organised manner, easy for the Human Resource staff to know you might be the man for the job.

2. Your cover letter – It’s the letter you attached your resume to. Before you can even convince the Human Resource staff to read your resume, you must first convince them through this letter that you at least stand a reasonable chance of getting the job. Hence, this letter is important as well.

If you can draw attention to your strengths, experiences, abilities, training, skills and how they fulfil the job requirement through both the cover letter and resume, and the Human Resource staff is doing his or her job well, you can be reasonably sure you will be selected for an interview.

(Thanks to Yeu Ann for teaching me these things. It took him very long to convince me that my resume is not about what I want to tell them, but what they would want me to tell them about me.)


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