Before you worry about finding a job

Please don’t rush into the next stage of the rat race so quickly, unless you already have been thinking through about life and what you seriously want to do for a living while you were studying, because as people will tell you, you might never find yourself this chance of “having a break” again once you jump into the river and follow the flow.

But, yes, I understand finance is a big issue to many people.

Besides getting a permanent job immediately, I’ve noticed these are some things you can consider to help you know what job you might want to pursue full time and still give you some pocket money to survive and pay your loans:

  1. Temporary jobs
  2. Internships
  3. Tuition assignments

If you select these well, they might serve as possible embellishment on your resume as “working experiences”! ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course, you will be thinking of that elusive graduation trip as well right? ๐Ÿ™‚ You will be surprised, this is the most talked about topic the days leading up to graduation and after graduation before the topic switches abruptly to the job search.

Yes, go for it! But besides it, here are other things you might want to consider doing as well:

  1. Do the things you wanted to do but never had the time to do, like pursuing an hobby, picking up a new skill (driving, photography, scriptural studying, languages, cooking, photoshop)
  2. Meet up with friends you treasure but have not seen in a long while
  3. Spend more time with your family
  4. Try voluntary work to widen your perspective on life. (Our lives is not just about us!)

To help you with knowing the direction of your job search:

  1. Do personality tests. Know what you are naturally good at and naturally bad at.
  2. Discover your passion. Know what drives you. How wonderful if your job is your passion!
  3. Know your job requirements. How much pay are you expecting? How much to maintain your current lifestyle, provide for your family, pay for loans and to save up for investment?
  4. Read up on knowing yourself, jobs, resume writing, interviews online or through books. Also talk to people about them. It is really fascinating to seek the marketplace through the eyes of another – a working adult, an employer, a Human Resource staff, a student, your parents, etc.,

For some of you lucky ones, you might have something available to you called the Papa Mama Scholarship and are considering further studies. Do give good thought to what you might want to study, when to study and for how long.

Another thing that fascinates me is huge numbers who are like me, unemployed. There are always many people being interviewed for the same job that I have applied for. Besides fresh graduates, like me, there are also people who were retrenched, who have resigned and who were fired!

Comrades! We are never alone! Do not struggle alone! Share your struggles and disappointment, joys and fears with the people around you. Find encouragement and joy during this job-less period as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ See this time as a time of preparation. Perhaps there are certain things in your heart that can be addressed before you begin working.

Do your achievements define you? Do you feel less worthy now that you have no job? Do you struggle with laziness or procrastination? Do you know how to rest and replenish your energy levels? Are you prone to workaholism? Investigating and coming to terms with these issues might have you a great bit when you finally find your first job!


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