Things you must do before your first interview

1. Get a good passport size photograph taken at a studio, keep both soft and hardcopies, preferably before taking the photo go to the hair dresser to have a good cut, wash and dry. This will come in very handy.

2. Photocopy all your certificates from O-Level onwards and get your degree/diploma scroll and transcript certified as true copies at your school. Keep many sets of this!

3. Have a set or a few sets of interview clothings, nice pair of shoes included.

I think this experience of learning I have to do all these actually didn’t come too naturally to me. The gap from student to job-hunter was actually quite a big gap for me. But as my mentor, Michelle, tells me, all gaps no matter how wide they seem, will eventually be narrowed, so just do it!

Just like the gap between Primary school and Secondary school, Secondary school and Junior College (this was a huge one), Junior College and University (even larger) and now being school and the marketplace!


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