Contract work

There’s an article Contract work a growing trend in the Sunday Times today!

I thought it would be quite relevant for this blog as I mentioned it briefly before as a possible option for job seekers.

Let me summarise/quote a little from the article:

Is term contract work for you?


  • Flexibility. Knowing your last day enables you to plan for activities like holidays.
  • Testing out different jobs or industries to find out what suits best.
  • The chance of having your job renewed or converted into a permanent one.
  • Some jobs pay 10% more to make up for the lack of, or fewer, perks.
  • (I don’t really understand this one) Painless, “no strings attached” arrangements. (I think it means you leave before deep bonds can be formed between the job and the people, so less painful. Kinda true, friendships take time to form. But kinda sad, if you leave without leaving impressions or having impressions left on you.)


  • Lack of stability.
  • Zero, or fewer, benefits, from insurance and medical coverage to annual leave.
  • Hard to build a track record or reputation in the industry.

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