Job Databases

The Newspaper
The traditional method of job searching is to search the Recruit section of the Classified Ads daily or the thick Recruit standalone section every Saturday. The Saturday issue includes articles on self-development for working people.

Online Job Databases
But, now, more and more people are using online job databases such as:

1. Careers@Gov
This is the place to go if you want a job in the Civil Service! This revamped website is really one of the most convenient for certain ministries, as you only need fill in one generic resume and an application for a job is just a click away! Some ministries or statutory boards would direct you to their own career websites and request you to send them your own copy of resume or cover letter though.

My friend taught me that the most convenient way to use this website is to firstly go through the database for jobs that interest you, thereafter, regularly check out the new postings.

2. ST701 Jobs
This is personally my favourite place to visit. I like the categories. I would just zoom down to the few categories which I’m interested in and regularly visit to check on new jobs. The limitation for this site is that sometimes you are required to fill in important criteria which the employer wants in an applicant, so if you do not have that criteria, you could possibly be immediately disqualified, without even being considered. In such a situation, it might be better to apply directly to the company.

You can also keep track of how many competitors you have here! And this gives you a gauge of your chances. Don’t be frightened though. 🙂 You deserve a good job as much as everyone else does! 😉

3. Jobs Central

4. JobStreet

5. JobsDB

Other Means

Word of Mouth
Not every company wants to find employees this way – receiving a huge pile of applicants and having to sieve through to get who you want (the advantage of convenience of online applications is also the disadvantage as people find it so easy, they mass apply for jobs, sometimes with less thought). Some might find it too much a hassle and prefer to find applicants through word of mouth (sounds very unprofessional but this happens). So it might be helpful for you to let your friends or your parents friends or whoever know you are searching for a job. They can help you keep a lookout!

(On hindsight, this seems to be the best and easiest way to get a job – be recommended into it. 6 August 2013)

Snail Mail
Also, sometimes companies do not accept online applications and want you to snail mail your application, coupled with relevant materials. This used to be the way before the internet age. Don’t be lazy to avoid these jobs if you like them! I think because less people are inclined to do this, the pool of applicants will be smaller, and you naturally stand a higher chance!


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