Up in the Air

I recently watched this movie called Up In The Air.

This show is about Ryan Bingham and Natalie’s job – to help bosses sack their employees. This job requires real skill. You need to empathise, motivate and show them a brighter future. The hidden themes of the show include the meaning of a job to people and how this is revealed when people are sacked, encouragement needed for these people and one quote I remember is “our job is to help the fallen to drift away” (something to this effect).

I think this song from the movie best sums up how this movie is relevant to people who have lost jobs and are entering or have entered into the neutral phase.

Up in the Air by Kevin Rennick

I’m up in the air,
Choices drifting by me everywhere
And I can’t find the one
That would help me do the work I’ve left undone,
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m making some plans,
Finding out there’s always new demands.
And I can’t be precise
When people ask me what I’m doing with my life.
I say, “It’s up in the air.”

I’m hearing from friends.
It’s that tired, old advice again:
“You just cannot keep floating all around,
Oh, you got to get your feet back on the ground.”
But it’s hard to come down
When you’re up in the air.

Da, da da da da da
Da, da da da da da
Daaaa, daaa, daaa, da da da

I”m traveling in my car,
Always lost, though I don’t go that far.
I find that I can live most anywhere.
Everyone I meet has so much they can share.
But I don’t settle down
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m thinking of my past,
The comfort in my home that couldn’t last.
Now my family tells me work for your success
And they want to see me find some happiness.
But I’m not sure where that is
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m talking with my peers,
Listening to them tell their inner fears.
Some have lives that haven’t gone the way they planned,
And some are trapped in situations they can’t stand.
But I don’t want the same for me
So I stay up in the air.

Da, da da da da da
Da, da da da da da
Daaaa, daaa, daaa, da da da

I’m out in the woods,
Something here does my heart so good.
I breathe the air and I know that I’m alive.
And I stare at all the birds as they fly by.
I guess it all goes down to them
‘Cause they’re up in the air…

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