Your first job

I think this post would be a natural progression from the previous.

What next? You landed your first job!

I, in particular, want to encourage a particular group of people, who are having an extremely difficult time in their first job.

Perhaps, you get scolded by your boss every time he wants to see you, or you are shocked at the politics in the workplace, or you can’t find the passion/purpose/joy in the job, or you are still struggling with the things you struggled with 6 months into the job…

Whatever it is, for those of you who struggle, I just want to encourage you, not to give up.

It’s not an easy process. You might very well still be in the transition phase, even though you started for some time. Many of us have not been trained in school to face such challenges. Many schools’ priorities are to help us get good grades, less so equip us with skills to work with people, to take criticism, to reflect on our practices, to build meaningful partnerships… So, for some of us, stepping into the workplace, and being expected to know and do all these things all at once, is daunting and a very steep learning curve.

Not everyone has a mentor to explain, guide and teach a newbie in the workplace.

So, I urge you, to be gentle with yourself. Don’t need to rush it. Try to find mini successes, set small goals and celebrate when you achieve them. For example, if you learn how to organise your emails better through categorising them, rejoice! You learn how to add comments and freeze panes in Excel, rejoice! You learn not to compete with your colleague but to see how his or her inputs into the work, benefits the company as a whole, rejoice!

You may still be disorganised, unable to speak convincingly to your boss or colleague, unable to carry out a project the way you or your boss expects you to…

But… These are the longer term goals. The achievement of mini goals, will slowly take you to where you want to be. Meanwhile, learn to train your eyes to see the achievement of mini goals.

For… We’re humans. We cannot go on if we only see failures and only feel discouragement in our lives. 🙂 We all need that little pat on our shoulders and to hear, “Hey, I’m still not quite there yet, but I am making some tiny weeny progress! I’m on my way!”

*hug* One day, you’ll be giving advice and feedback to newbies to the workplace. 🙂 What you’ve learn, you’ll share. Don’t give up now, alright! 🙂 Persevere! 😀