Some thoughts about uncertainties

This just came to me when I was running just now and thinking about the new batch of fresh job seekers this year.

Sometimes we feel very uncertain about the jobs that we apply for. We question which industry or field, which job type, which employer? Which is best for us, will we stay here long?

We have all these uncertainties within us and we worry that if our employer finds out, they wouldn’t want us anymore.

But the more I think about it, the more I think employers know these uncertainties. These are real issues that everyone will have to deal with. No one is 100% sure that the job is right for them, and even if they are, those hiring might not think so. Vice versa, even if the employer thinks you’re the one, you might end up thinking you’ve pick the wrong job. With the little info that we glean from the resumes, interviews, opened and closed doors, what we know about ourselves and them, we make not perfect decisions, but considered decisions.

So there’s nothing wrong to feel uncertain. Some people might find their niche faster, but those who are slower, don’t fret. Everything in its time.

So what attitude should we take on as fresh graduates crafting out a career afresh?

I should think we will go out there and be wholehearted wherever we find ourselves, whatever we choose. We give our all, working with all our heart, and should or when we decide that there’s somewhere else better or more suited for us, we leave with no regrets, with a clear conscience and always ready to contribute our best.


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