Just a short note on entrepreneurism

I’ve read some articles about teaching children to know how to take calculated risks.

I believe in creating something out of nothing.

And I think some of you might be thinking of trying out your own business! Why not?

The thing I’ve learnt is not to be afraid of failure and even if you do fail, it’s valuable to you. It’s better to fail more and fail early.

Or else, you might be like a kid used to getting straight As and refusing to accept or breaking down when failures are encountered in life (family, friends, work). It’s good to get training young so you can be prepared to shine when the opportunity comes!

So I commend Claire and Candy for going ahead to fulfill their dream! With just some passion, some talents and some money! They created something of greater value with all these ingredients.

If you are interested in this area. Plan for it. Save up money. Find like-minded people. Don’t let the dream die. Go for it this lifetime!

Check out their online fashion shop: