Timeless Principles

“The job hunt is just human nature in action. That is, job hunters are afraid of rejection. So they typically dislike the face-to-face stuff. It’s much easier to send a résumé and be rejected by an employer than to stand in front of that employer and be turned down in person. The Internet is just a new way to avoid rejection.”
-Dick Bolles

I can’t wait to get my own copy of What Colour Is Your Parachute!!


“And, over the past three decades, Bolles’s preferred method has remained remarkably consistent: Sending out résumés doesn’t work. Neither does answering ads. Employment agencies? No way. What does work is figuring out what you like to do and what you do well — and then finding a place that needs people like you. Contact organizations that you’re interested in, even if they don’t have known vacancies. (Bolles actually coined the now commonplace term “informational interview.”) Pester friends and family members for leads. Once you get in the door of the employer of your dreams, show how you can solve its problems.”


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