The Purpose of this Blog

I like to help people find jobs. Why?
Perhaps in the past I would tell you it’s because I had difficulty finding one so I empathize with those who still do and I want to help them.
But over time, I realize that I develop another reason why I do this.

As I quote myself telling a friend, I want to reverse the power balance. I want to empower people who struggle to secure a job either because of poor job search skills, a lack of confidence or other reasons. In this world, the unemployed are look down upon, while those who have high paying or prominent jobs have status. The unemployed have less opportunities to learn new things and upgrade themselves, while the employed, though many don’t realise, have at their fingertips multiple opportunities daily to do so. The unemployed becomes depress from a lack of good things to do, the employed often get so stuck in the rut of working they no longer have the joy of when they first received their job.

I believe that working is more than earning. I believe in the sanctity of work and its ability to through suffering purify us. I believe that work is a gift. How can it be that by occupying my time doing something worthwhile puts money into my hand? Work is a gift. I hope to help people recognize it.