Quotes from Life is Tremendous

I have glanced through this thin book called “Life Is Tremendous” by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and found some nice quotations I would like to share with you!

“We don’t consider manual work as a curse, or a bitter necessity, not even as a means of making a living. We consider it as a high human function, as a basis of human life, the most dignified thing in the life of the human being, and which ought to be free, creative. Men ought to be proud of it.” – David Ben-Gurion (p. 24)

Charlie shared how he got his job during the Great Depression and hence naturally knew that having a job was a privilege. So in line with the conversations in the comments section in the previous post!

“Don’t worry about being of more use where you aren’t; the best job you’ll ever have is the one you’re on. No job ever made a man but a right man can make any job.”

“Don’t spend your life trying to make right decisions; invest your life in making decisions and making them right.” (p. 85)

Published by Living Books 1996