It’s fine to fail… :)

Made some wrong decisions?

I did. I quit my job when I couldn’t take the stress. I returned to it when I found that was no where else that had a place for me.

I went through many years of my educational life chasing after the good grades, thinking that when I graduate, I will automatically know what type of job I will have, by controlling the range of jobs and making it as wide as possible. Rather then take time to seriously learn from the many things school had to offer, I chose to focus on just getting the grades and bypassing many valuable opportunities of learning, failing, and learning to stand up again. I always picked the easier route.

I make mistakes in writing. I took very long to learn what academic integrity and honesty was. But now that I have found a bit of it, I hope to develop it further.

So it’s okay and normal to fail, in any area, in any way. In the words of John C. Maxwell, let’s fail forward. Don’t be disheartened, let’s learn from each opportunity and move forward. This failing is a lesson learned that is added unto you that nobody can steal, but that you can use to teach and encourage many.