The things you never knew working taught you

I just made a phone call to speak to someone for purposes of work. I got through on my third phone call after some prayer. I decided to call rather than email because of two reasons. Firstly, emails are easily misunderstood and there’s no way to know of the misunderstanding because replies are usually short and direct. But through calling, if someone is upset, you can immediately clarify. Secondly, phone calls enable one to get an immediate response, while emails, you are leaving your required response to the mercy of the busy responder.

I know these lessons don’t take you getting a job to learn, perhaps some people with more common sense or streetsmartness would get it even without experiencing it first hand. But I must say that I learned these from work. I learned to persevere, to keep calling, again and again, until I get a response. And I learned that while this is the age of email, phone calls still work wonders and can get you want you want better than an email can.