Adminstrative Work

This season of my work life I will be doing more administrative work. People like to complain about admin work, especially teachers, who think that such work distract them for their real task of teaching. In fact, some researchers have bad reputations in terms of not being able to handle administrative work well. It made me think that admin work is lesser than other work. But no, it is not. We must never despise the less prominent parts of the body/company/organization. We must not despise those who work in the background and who receive little attention; their work is just as important and just as difficult as those in foreground. I must change my perception. And I must learn how to do these administrative work well. In fact in church I have a reputation of being good at admin work or secretarial work. Hence, I really should stop criticizing myself at being bad at it. But humbly learn how to do it and do it well. In fact, to take pride in it, that my role is just as important as anybody else’s role.

Yes! And I should watch myself to give credit where credit is due. I must give respect to administrators and those who do admin work in general.


Dream Employee


Reversal of power balance

I told you before that I enjoy this reversal of balance?

I enjoy telling people that some employers are desperate for employees. Just to let them see that it’s not always the job hunters that are desperate for jobs. 🙂

Just so you might have a little bit more confidence, knowing that sometimes they want you more than you want them. 🙂