There’s no such thing as “employers”

I just bought Dick Bolle’s What Colour Is Your Parachute? 2015 because it was on discount! đŸ˜€ And as usual, I love his books. I love the conversational style of writing and how advanced his advice on job hunting is (he rewrites his book every year since 1970! Imagine how polished his thinking and writing is!). I really recommend this book to those who are interested in this field of career guidance or just simply looking for a job.

Let me quote from page 44:

“Employers” are individuals, as different from one another as night and day. “Employers” span a wide range of attitudes, wildly different ideas about how to hire, a wide range of ways to conduct hiring interviews, and as many different attitudes toward handicaps as you can possibly think of. You cannot possibly predict the attitude of one employer from the attitude of another. All generalizations about “employers” (including those in this book) are just mental conveniences.

[Oooh! I just learned I could do this blockquote thingie.]

As I get to know more friends who hire people, I learned this as well, that each employer is an unique individual. The thing that  caused one not to hire you may be the very same thing that causes another to hire you. Don’t you just love how complex and intricate life and their experiences are? I told you how I was timid in many of my interviews and most employers saw that as a weakness, but I was finally employed by my first boss, who saw through my timidity into who I was. So, there are people out there who value who you are and value the strengths that you have and who may even not see your weaknesses as limitations!

Dear friend, if you are still searching for a job and have received many rejections already. Fear not, your job is on your way. You have yet to meet your lucky star! And do pick up “What Colour Is Your Parachute? 2015” to get tips on how to find a good job!



When I was a little girl, I liked to dream who I would become. I liked nature very much. I once had an ongoing snail mail conversation with a zookeeper about my pet terrapin. I dreamed of being a florist and a grass cutter. I also had at the back of my mind a desire to be a doctor, because I like to “fix” human beings. I like to know what was wrong with the physical body of someone and find cures to it. As I drew older, maybe 12 years old, I also dream of being a journalist, but I gave that up when I enter into secondary school and found out I did not write very well, in fact English was perennially my weakest subject. When I entered into junior college, I noticed at times I can write well but it was usually the content that was good, not the language. I also started to realized I was timid by nature, not the journalist or kaypoh and daring type, so I gave up that desire to be a journalist as well. Oh yes, I wanted to be a police woman as well. I was into crime investigation, until I realized there was a minimal height to meet before you can be a police officer.

I thought about passion again when I got out of university. During my university days, I pursued Life Sciences, thinking that I really have something for “life”. But my times at university were not the best of my life and I had this nagging feeling in my heart that this field was not for me. I dream of being out there with the plants and animals, but when I really get out there the excitement dies out after awhile. As I searched for jobs, I also reached a dead end, because skills-wise, I only had “Life Sciences” skill. I was stuck. Limited by that single set of skills I acquired at university. I tried to get out. I considered doing another degree.

Mr Lee Hsien Loong asked us not to do a degree for fun, but the degree should be related to our work, the degree should help our work and our work should be what we like and are good at. I think he said something like this in his national day rally speech. But… how many of us actually end up in such an ideal situation?

I still don’t know what is my passion. I think his advice would be, stop pursuing further degrees, find your passion first.

What if my passion is in pursuing further degrees?

Recently, this question keeps coming up in my heart… What should I be doing with my life?