Botanic Gardens

There’s a bittersweet feeling whenever I come to the Gardens. This was pretty much one of my dream jobs or place to work in. In the herbarium, studying specimens. In the garden, walking among plants.

As I sit under my favourite tree where I first found my pet ant-mimicking spider whom Zelanie helped me name, Herman, because we didn’t know whether it was a he or she, I feel happy and contented.

I come here whenever I was in need. When I needed restoration. When I felt great anxiety. I like plants. Unlike people, they have no expectation of you. They do not give you pressure or stress, they just are. I still my heart and enjoy the beauty of this place.

That my career path has been directed away from this place, I just have to trust God with the unknown He’s leading me towards. For whatever reason He has extended a year after a year where I currently am and given me new roles and assignments, I just submit my will to it, praying for new grace and new strength daily to face the work I have to do.

He has restored me and I will be courageous to face more tests, more temptations and more trials. This is His lot for me. And I accept it. And I praise Him.

I trust You, Lord, as I enter into this great Unknown. Lead me. And protect me. And help me love others.


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  1. lionheart said,

    February 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Hello Shuyi,
    Your post reminded me that I should visit the Botanical Gardens more often. I actually work in the area. Like you, I believe that God sent me to my current employer. I appreciate the fact that I work near the Gardens, but alas, I have never visited for more than 5 times during my past 3 years at work. I guess I should really appreciate not only the job but also the nearby environment that comes with it more. So, thanks for the post!

    As for working in the Gardens itself, an ex colleague of mine resigned from her job and landed a job in the Gardens some years ago. As she loves flowers, I have no doubt that God sent her there as well after many years in her previous job.

    I hope that the Lord will continue to guide you in your career path. May you continue to find encouragement in his Word.

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