Administrative Frustrations

Administrative work creates a lot of stress in me, because there are logical steps for getting things done.

I am more of a spontaneous thinker, a brainstormer. I don’t work step-by-step. So when I do admin work, I find myself keep getting stopped in the process because a previous step was not achieved, I required clarification on another step etc etc. The whole process cannot move forward so long there are gaps in the process.

So yes, I had wanted to clear all my admin work today, on a Saturday, but I realized I cannot. The information I require to clear my work lies in the hands of other people. I can only wait till Monday to continue my work.

So administrative work requires planning and doing things in advance. It requires foresight… and permission from others to proceed forward.

It’s not like my writing¬†work that I am fully in control of the process. I work whenever I want to. I can do whichever steps I prefer to first. I can come back later to steps I missed out on earlier… It’s so much more flexible.

I think I better learn to be more logical in my work so that I can be more efficient in administrative work…