Career Change?

I think one thing this blog never addressed is when is it time to leave? When do you decide a journey is to end and another adventure is to begin? When do we decide to change gears?

Sometimes we don’t get to choose. We get laid off. We missed a cherished promotion. Our relationship with our employers or employees take a negative turn.

Other times, it’s really up to us. Things are safe and secure, but maybe a little… boring. Should I stay on? Is it sufficient that this job brings in the money, and I’ll spend the rest of my spare time in more exciting stuff like hobbies? Or does the job need to be exciting too?

I never addressed this because I never had to change job. I think others my age are so much more experienced in this. I’ve been in the same job for almost 7 years. In this span of 7 years, many of my friends perhaps have already had 3 – 4 jobs. I think I am one of those rare breeds of yesterdays who kinda have something for loyalty and faithfulness to the company.

Or fear of leaving the shore, the comforts of a safe and sure environment, one you know the insides and outsides thoroughly. You already know how to play the game, you know how to win it. To go out there where you must figure out the rules once again…

That’s scary. That’s very scary.

I hope to give you an update soon, but there’s a burning desire within me for a career change. And if I do it successfully, maybe I will have more to share with you about this.

There comes a time when you wonder if these wings can spread and fly, and maybe you just want to test them out to see if they still actually can. Maybe I will fall to the ground in a loud thud. But at least I would have attempted to fly.