I got news yesterday that…

My current job contract will end in December 2018. And this time, I have no intention of finding another job at my current workplace. I am prepared to let it end at this very place where it first started.

Why am I so sure?

I have periodically been thinking of changing my environment. It’s not that I don’t like my job or the people or the environment, but that I have gotten too used it to. There’s a need for me to try something new. A relocation to another country or a change in job scope appeals to me.

However, there is just one thing I need to bear in mind. I am currently pursuing my PhD at my current workplace (I work at a university), so I will still have some ties to this place and connection with my boss, who is my supervisor. I am not totally free yet, but once my contract ends this year, I will close a chapter that lasted 9 years of my life (if you include 2011 where I tried to leave but still did part-time work at this place).

Just how did I manage to stay so long at one place? I think I allowed fate and circumstance to lead me, rather than to actively decide where I wanted to go and where I would like to be. Making those decisions requires risk, which I have not be very willing to take for many years. I have been having a nagging doubt about myself that I can’t survive in that world out there.

But, this year (and next), I hope to be more brave and courageous, to put myself out there a bit more, to take some risks, and be willing to take some falls, to not be afraid to embarrass myself or make mistakes, in the pursuit of my dreams and desires.

There has been a desire within me to be in the news publishing industry – a safer desire would be to be a sub-editor, if they still employ such people, or a more dangerous desire would be some kind of journalist, though I know it’s a bit hard because I don’t have the required training. So that’s a possible option.

Another option that I imagined out of my hobby that I started in May 2017 is to be a freediving instructor. Though with a special touch – eventually I want to focus on how freediving can heal, freediving as therapy. This will align me with my persistent desire to help others, the reason why I have this blog.

And… like many girls my age, it seems, (oh, did I use the word girl on myself? I’m a grown up! A woman!), I still have a desire to work in a farm. I notice I am not the only person who has this desire. Maybe it’s a desire of people who grew up in cities and are detached from the natural life, that there’s something within us that keeps wanting to go back to the soil. So WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms) is also something on my mind at the moment. I want to try growing my own vegetables and living a simple life.

So that’s me, doing a bit of dreaming. Let’s see how this will work out! Meanwhile, it has been a rather stressful period in my life, work wise. I have not been stretched in this manner in a very long time. But, I’m going to hang in there. December will soon come (if I do not die or get really sick before then) and then I can begin my new adventure!

Who knows, even maybe working at Starbucks (not that I like Starbucks, any cafe)?!

Small penguin swimming in water

Spreading my wings… to fly? to dive? to float?