Biology modules taken in NUS

I am a trained Biologist, familiar in Biological concepts and skilled in research. My training in research also means I am skilled in the usage of statistical software such as SPSS and able to analyse and interpret data. I took the module “Computer Aided Data Analysis” offered by the Statistical Department in order to have a better grasp of the softwares – R, SPSS and SAS. The italicised modules are those that contribute to my Life Sciences degree with a concentration in Biology, as opposed to Biomedical or Molecular and Cell Biology.

First Year Modules
Biochemistry of Biomolecules
Molecular Genetics
Statistics for Life Sciences
Human Anatomy

Second Year Modules
Molecular Biology
General Physiology
Metabolism and Regulation
Introductory Biostatistics
Cell Biology
Forensic Science
Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology
Essential Bioinformatics & Biocomputing

Third Year Modules
Life Form and Function
Human Physiology: Cardiopulmonary System
Plant Physiology
Natural Heritage of Singapore
Advanced Urops in Life Sciences 1 – Biological Conservation Attitudes

Ecology and Environmental Processes
Evolution and Comparative Genomics

Fourth Year Modules
Field Studies in Biodiversity in Tioman
Marine Biology
Tropical Conservation Biology

Tumour Biology
Honours Project in Life Sciences – Threat and Weediness Attributes of Ficus


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