Co-Curriculum Activities

Track and Field and Cross Country

I have consistently won medals (first, second, top 8, colours awards) for Cross Country and Track and Field over the years since I begin running for the school team in Seconary 1. I did not join a running CCA in University to focus more on research, yet being my own coach, I trained for and completed the Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 in 4 hours 20 minutes.

Environmental Club

In NJC, I also joined Greenlink, an environmental friendly club. Though it was not my main CCA, I led a team in a Bird Awareness Project to increase NJCians knowledge and awareness of many bird species one can easily spot in the school. There are resident Parakeets, Red and Green Lorries and Cockatoos in NJC. These likely escapees from the bird trade seem to favour the big trees in NJC as their home. What sparked off my desire to form such a commitee was spotting these bird and noisy birds in NJC. There is in in fact a pair of red and green parrots that always fly across the school and watch us during flag-raising. I wanted my friends to notice and appreciate these beautiful creatures as well.

Cross Cultural Activities

One of my fondest memories was taking part in a Rangoli competition held in NJC and also another one in PJC in 2004. Rangoli is the Indian art of decoration using rice or rice flour. My class, led by me, won first for my school and proceeded to compete in PJC. What I love about this is the chance to take part in an activity unique to another culture and also being able to allow my artistic and creative side to show.  A chance I don’t often get as a runner or Science student.

Running a Book Shop Business

By nature, I am quiet, however, when promoting items of worth, I become talkative and animated. I have won various awards doing retail/sales and for leading teams to do the same for Hope Resources. I have a heart for service. I enjoy making customers happy and going the extra mile for them. Right now, I’m learning new skills such as administration, marketing and purchasing. I’m still getting used to these new roles I am playing. What I like about Hope Resources is that the work we do is on a voluntary basis, we earn nothing from it, and we no longer follow sales target to drive us to promote items. What drives us is the desire to see the right resources reach the hands of people who need them. Such resources can benefit the people who buy and use them. This is what drives us to serve.

Overall Top Volunteer Award 2005Best Team Leader Award 2005Best Customer Service Award 2007

I have won various awards for my service. It shows my progression from an eager new volunteer to a leader of a team, to one who serves with excellence. For a few years I served as a leader of 4 teams as well. However, the award I do desire to have is the Long Service Award, simply because to me it signifies faithfulness and the ability to stick it through till the end through ups and downs. I aspire to be an overcomer in all that I do, instead of one who gives up when the going gets tough or the passion is lost. I want to be one who can renew herself consistently.


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