I am an INFJ and an SC.

Problem Solving
My strength lies in my ability to deal with complex and abstract ideas and ability to organize and make sense of them. This strength is seen in my love for mind-mapping (brainstorming with structure) and writing. I love structuring the never ending flow of thoughts into concise and understandable passages for easy consumption.

I am also one who feels a lot for people, yet am skeptical at the same time, so I tend to see through people’s motives. I love people and enjoy meeting people in smaller groups. I have the ability to sense how people feel and think intuitively and quite accurately. In fact, I have a good track record in sensing what issues people who come to me with their troubles have even before they tell me.

Coupled with my ability to see things from many perspectives, I tend to be a good problem solver with the issues people bring to me.

Though I’m a big picture person, I love noticing details. I notice flaws readily and also strengths. I notice when people are left out or unhappy. I can pick off many mistakes while editing my friends’ essays which other people often miss out.

I love to encourage and motivate people, usually through words. I believe that things in the world (people, processes) are my teachers and I like to glean ideas, stories and learning points from them.

I can become bogged down with details and in trying to get everything right that I do miss the point of what I am doing at times. I might fail to major on the major. To deal with this, it is important for me to remember the vision, value and goal of whatever I am doing and take steps back to view the issue before continuing with the details.

I am very committed to my values and have very clear idea of what I want. I struggle to do well in things are are against my personal values.

5/12/10 I’ve been tested in this area in the work place and I must say that I’ve grown tremendously in this area after being tested many times. I think I work quite well under pressure now and my best work are produced when things are urgent. 🙂

I’m also someone who is very self-aware. I am always on a lookout how I can improve things and myself, reflecting on how I respond and how others have responded.


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  1. glemmens1940 said,

    April 17, 2015 at 10:53 am

    I wonder if you have any photographs or information on the POW camp on Poeloe Damar (= Dutch spelling) or Pulu Damar ??

    My Dad – Adrianus Johannes Lemmens (1904-1990) – was interned there as a POW in ca. 1944. Afterwards the Japs took him to Changi prison in Singapore.

    Have any lists of the prisoners on Pulu Damar survived and where are they kept ??

    With many thanks and sincere regards,

    Gerard Lemmens

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