7 months and counting…

I thought of sharing here, how is it now, 7 months into my job, in the most general of manners.

Based on my credentials and interests, you probably wouldn’t think I would have ended up in this Education industry, but I have. It’s not teaching, but research.

What my company, my job, my boss, my colleagues and my clients, have done for me, to me and through me, are things I would never trade for more years studying. Yes even the parts that I did not like initially.

What I can say is that my tolerance for imperfection, fear, the unexpected, has stretched to another level, much greater than when I first step out of school.

I am more daring, more open to problems, tending to think that I can think of a solution, may not be perfect, but better than nothing (unlike in the past when I would give up if I cannot think of THE solution). I have become so open that I even thought of joining a triathlon. This is unthinkable for me, because though I can run, I cannot swim well, nor can I cycle well. I am more open to failure, something rare in a person who is used to scoring well in exams and with people. I compare less, but appreciate peoples’ strengths (including my own) and are more accepting of their weaknesses (including my own) .

That’s what my first job has done for me.

I don’t think you need a job to experience this, perhaps a tragedy your life, a new leadership position in a club, an overseas exchange or volunteer stint, internship with a company… might do this for you. But what I wish for you is that when it happens, you are reflective and aware, so you can see how far you’ve come and be grateful for it.

Perhaps, when employers ask for people with working experience, this is what they’re looking out for?

And I’m suggesting that a job, something some people might dread or simply see as a way to earn a living, can actually be very meaningful, adding a lot of flavour to your life and bringing a lot of strength to your character.

Yet, it is but one aspect of your life. Just one. 🙂

It is also refreshing to see and do work as an act of spiritual worship. It helps you transcend the ordinary and really see that even the smallest, most insignificant of things you do, is holy.